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Espai Fusta



Strada Interiors – Laura Strada

In this design project for “Espai Fusta” in collaboration with GCD Vanguardia, we’ve created a versatile space that served as a holistic showcase of building materials, from hardwood flooring to lighting fixtures, fireplaces, rugs and mouldings.

The materials and elements are strategically arranged in the search for a whole comprehension of every application and characteristics. It is worth highlighting the integration of fireplaces in the panelling, the carefully designed lighting to integrate in the mouldings and the creation of specific spaces for those. Every element is carefully placed to enhance the quality and innovation of the products of GCD Vanguardia.

“Espai Fusta” is not just a material display but a technical showcase that allows the clients to explore and appreciate the excellence of the products. products. This space reflects our commitment with technical precision and quality that defines GCD Vanguardia in the industry.

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