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Residential interior design

Do you need help to find the perfect distribution for your home and you don’t know where to start?

We help you land your ideas and choose the right colors to create atmospheres that reflect your lifestyle and personality.

Comprehensive residential interior design

Projects that involve a complete renovation and a change of distribution in the space.

Our approach is based on a comprehensive process that ranges from the initial evaluation of the space to the supervision of the execution of the work.
We begin each project by carefully analyzing the space and listening carefully to your requirements and desires. This initial phase is crucial to understanding your specific needs and goals. From this information, we develop personalized design proposals that adapt to your needs.
We work on the distribution and design of the spaces to achieve the best possible configuration. We explore various possibilities to ensure that the design meets your expectations and functional requirements.
Our interior design project includes detailed plans that range from the typology of flooring and ceiling heights to electrical installations, lighting studies, plumbing and furniture proposals. We also prepare graphic general elevations that show the furniture and architectural construction details.

We care about the construction details, such as the placement of coatings in kitchens and bathrooms, the integration of lighting, the installation of curtain rods and other aspects that are relevant to the project. Additionally, we design custom furniture that fits the overall design concept, including items such as living room furniture, closets, dressing rooms and more, depending on the specific needs of the project.
To help you visualize the final result, we create moodboards and 3D renders that give you a clear and detailed representation of the proposed design.
During the execution of the project, we closely supervise the process to ensure that the design is properly materialized. We work in collaboration with an existing construction manager and
provide ongoing advice in the selection of materials, including visits to construction material showrooms.
Our main objective is to transform your spaces into environments that reflect your style and personality, combining aesthetics with functionality. We accompany you at every stage of the process, from conceptualization to the completion of the work, to ensure that the final result meets your expectations and needs.

Our process step by step

All phases of the Services are optional but will have to be carried out in order with the exception of the 3D Service, which the client may dispense with or may request when deemed appropriate:

Furniture and decoration study (in-person and online)

Projects that do not involve a complete renovation and change in space distribution but do involve changes in installations.

We understand that each client is unique, and our approach begins with a thorough analysis of your lifestyle. We understand that your home is a reflection of who you are, and we work to ensure that every detail is in harmony with your vision.
Our goal is for the small details to make a difference and faithfully reflect the essence of the project and the personality of our clients. We create detailed furniture plans and develop custom furniture proposals according to your needs and available space.
This process includes the creation of detailed plans that cover everything from radiator relocation to electrical installations and ceiling light modifications, all tailored to your preferences and project needs.
During our phase, we provide constant monitoring of the work to ensure precise execution.
Through detailed analysis, attention to small details, and constant monitoring, we bring the design to life and make it an authentic reflection of your vision for your home. The main goal of this analysis is to discover the style that best reflects your personality and conveys the sensations you want to experience in your home.

Our process step by step

All phases of the Services are optional but will have to be carried out in order with the exception of the 3D Service, which the client may dispense with or may request when deemed appropriate.

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"We trusted Strada Interiors after seeing several of their projects on Instagram. We loved the image of their projects: modern and stylish, with design and quality lines. We entrusted them with the renovation of our house, and it has been a success in every sense. From the first meetings, the proposed design, the details, and above all, the detailed follow-up and coordination with the different workers. We didn't have to worry about anything, just choose, give our opinion, and enjoy the result, which we love. Oh! And the custom-designed furniture is exquisite. We definitely recommend Strada Interiors. "

Marina Casals

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